All the essentials you need to help you on your breastfeeding and expressing journey.


Your breastfeeding will be a breeze with the number one NZ breast pumps supplier

Moms who are getting ready to return to work want to rest assured their babies get an uninterrupted breast milk supply even when they are out. This is where our ergonomic pumps come in. These dedicated medical devices are used to pump and store breast milk, enabling control feeding time and going away from home for an extended period. With our helpful silicone pumps, you will forget about painful sensations while expressing milk from the breast for good. They are made with moms' needs in mind to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Haakaa is an NZ breast pumps supplier with a stellar reputation. We strive to ease a nursing period for each feeding mom, offering top-shelf solutions for effortless milk extraction. Haakaa is here to assist you through the entire period of nursing and come in handy when: you experience a low breast milk supply you take medicine and need to stop breastfeeding for a couple of days you need to get back to work you have too much milk and want to store some you're hitting the gym to get back in shape after pregnancy your baby is teething that results in painful breastfeeding you need free hands while pumping (our devices work by a principle of powerful suction, hugging a breast tightly) Do not let minor inconveniences ruin your motherhood by getting 100% recyclable and BPA-free appliances from Haakaa.

Buy breast pumps from the comfort of your home

Here at Haakaa, we're committed to providing the ultimate care for our clients and the environment. That is why our breast pumps are made of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials. They are easy-to-wash and sterilized, which ensures comfortable and safe usage. We understand that a mother's time is precious. That is why we offer you to buy top-grade child care products from the comfort of your home. All it takes is to browse our catalogue, choose the required device, and add it to a shopping cart. The orders over $50 are shipped around New Zealand for absolutely free! Enjoying a breastfeeding period is simple when you have our stylish and simple-to-use breast milk pump at hand!