You’ve been invited to a baby shower but have no idea what to get. Or perhaps it’s your baby shower, and you’ve been asked what you want, but you don’t know where to even begin. Fear not, though – we’ve got some ideas to get you started, from our own amazing products to some other ideas to help spark things for you. Before you get started, try to find out what it is mum actually wants and needs – this can save doubling up on things they already have or things they’ll not find a use for.


Pregnancy Goodies


It can be easy to get lost in buying things for the new baby – and most of them will be necessary items indeed – but that doesn’t mean mum isn’t going to need something, too. What you might like to get will depend entirely on what the mum-to-be needs and wants, but here are a few ideas to kick-start things. One thing a lot of pregnant mothers ask for is pregnancy massage – and there are a huge number of places that provide specialised pregnancy massage. Just make sure to go to a massage therapist who has been trained in this type of massage and check that a massage is suitable first. This might be the type of baby shower present that can be arranged beforehand, rather than as a surprise, as there are a few situations in which massage may not be recommended – so it’s good to check whether mum can have or even wants a massage! If massage isn’t their thing, try finding out their idea of a good pampering session and see if you can arrange that. Depending on their preferences, though, it might have to be a voucher for something after baby arrives.


Another great idea for mums could be comfy clothing, especially pants. Lounge pants or shorts (depending on the time of year!) can help the new mother, along with tops that fit that growing belly. Depending on how close to the due date the baby shower is being held, you might even grab something that can make breastfeeding easier – there are a lot of tops made specifically for breastfeeding mothers, so have a look around. Included in this category are maternity bras. Haakaa has two for you to choose from. First up, the Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra. This bra is made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, making it soft, smooth, and able to adapt to your body’s shape so you can move about in comfort. Each cup has a specially designed layered crossover slit so those who wish to express milk can do so securely – the pump will stay right where it is! But, as the name suggests, it’s not just a pumping bra. It’s also a nursing bra, so even if it doesn’t end up being used while expressing milk, it’s still great for breastfeeding. The detachable outer layer has an easy-to-use clip, letting mum get ready for breastfeeding in only moments.


Our second option is the similar but oh-so-different Hands-Free Zip Up Breast Pump Bra. While this one can be used for breastfeeding, its strengths are definitely geared more towards pumping, so if the expectant mother in your life knows she’s going to be expressing, this could be a handy contribution. This bra is 93% cotton and 7% spandex, so, like its sibling, it is super soft and comfortable and features the same layered crossover slit in the cups. However, this bra features a zip-up front and a simple-to-insert expander to adjust to changing bodies. Of course, if breastfeeding is required, it can still be used – just unzip the front and you're away!




Finally for mums (in this list, at least) is our Belly Bliss Lotion Balm. This little pot of magic is best to have around in early pregnancy, though any time is a good time. Made from all-natural ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, rosehip oil and essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang, mandarin & frankincense, this balm helps to improve skin elasticity (excellent for helping ease stretch marks!) while its light floral fragrance works to alleviate nausea.





For Baby


Continuing with the balm theme, there are others that can be useful to have around once baby arrives, too. Number one on the list is our Baby Bottom Balm. This balm is also made from 100% natural ingredients – in this case, beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, zinc, halloysite clay, and a dash of lavender essential oil. It helps prevent, heal and soothe nappy rash by creating a moisturising barrier between their delicate skin and their nappies.





That’s not our only baby balm, though. We have three others that serve different but equally important functions. Our Sweet Dreams Lotion Balm is fragranced with all-natural lavender and chamomile to help soothe and relax them before bedtime. Breathe Easy includes essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, thyme & lemon to help ease your little one's cough and cold symptoms, while Restore & Adore helps with skin conditions such as eczema or dry skin through the use of jojoba oil and essential oils of lavender & tea tree. Each of these balms uses a base of coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, with Restore & Adore’s coconut oil being infused with that fantastic New Zealand plant, kawakawa.


We’ll end today with one more item, though there are, of course, many more things that may appeal depending on your circumstances. The Happii Bear Rechargeable Nail Trimmer Set is the upgraded version of our ever-popular Electric Baby Nail Care Set. The significant difference with the new version is it does away with the need to hunt down batteries once they’ve drained – just plug it in, and you’ll be ready to go in no time! Baby nails are notoriously sharp, especially on their delicate new skin, and it can be nerve-wracking to try and trim them with scissors or clippers. This trimmer uses gentle filing paper to smooth and trim tiny nails, and it even comes with colour-coded age-stepped pads. To top it all off, though, as well as being whisper-quiet, it even comes with a trimmer pad suitable for adult nails, making it perfect for the whole family.




Which of these would you go for? Or which other Haakaa products would you recommend as the perfect baby shower gift?