These days, Haakaa has a massive range of products to choose from – from breastfeeding essentials to getting your wee one started on solids to handy products that can help you out around the house. While we have a few questions in our FAQ section, there are often other commonly asked ones that might not necessarily be asked often enough to make an FAQ.



Which size Ladybug should I get?

This is an incredibly common question, and it makes a lot of sense. Our Ladybug Milk Collectors come in three sizes – 40ml, 75ml, 150ml – and it can be hard to know which one to choose. First and foremost, we’ll start by saying that the sizes have nothing at all to do with your breast size; any of the three could suit you regardless. Instead, these sizes are just their capacity. If you leak a lot, you might prefer the 150ml. If you only leak a small amount, then the 40ml might be best. And the 75ml is perfect if you fall somewhere in between. For this reason, it’s easiest to tell which size is right for you once you’re breastfeeding and you can see how much capacity you’re going to need. For those who like to be prepared early, however, we often recommend the 75ml. If you end up having a lot of leakage, it’s big enough to cope (albeit with more frequent emptying), and if you have less than anticipated, it’s not too big.




What is the difference between your nasal aspirators?

 We have two silicone nasal aspirators: the Easy-Squeezy Silicone Bulb Syringe and the Silicone Penguin Nasal Aspirator. Both are made from 100% food-grade silicone, so you can rest assured each is safe, soft, and non-toxic. So what are the differences? The Easy-Squeezy Bulb Syringe is two pieces. It’s incredibly simple, easy to keep clean, and because it’s clear silicone, you can see at a glance whether you missed a spot while cleaning. To use, just squeeze the bulb part to expel the air, insert the tip into your child’s nostril (not too far), then gently release the bulb. Easy as! The Penguin Nasal Aspirator is similar, though it has a few key differences. Think of it as the Bulb Syringe’s older sibling. This one comes with two tips – one is shallower (called the ‘cone tip’) and is designed for babies 0-12 months, while the other (called the ‘arc tip’) is slightly longer and steeper and is intended for use with babies aged 12 months and older. But what makes this aspirator truly unique is its dual valve design. There is one output valve to prevent air being accidentally blown on your child’s face or up their nose, while the input valve stops any backflow – all that mess stays safely inside the aspirator body, and you don’t need to remove the tip from your baby’s nose with each attempt. It even comes with a dedicated cleaning brush to help you keep every nook and cranny scrubbed clean, and like the Bulb Syringe, is clear, making things that little bit easier. As for which one you should choose? That all comes down to personal preference – go for whichever suits your circumstances best.



Can I use Yummy Pouch attachments with my Milk Storage Bags?

 This one is easy – 100% yes. We also have our new Happii Bear Milk Storage & Goody Pouch range, and the attachments are interchangeable for these as well. There are several different attachments across these ranges: the stopper, Sippy Spout, Squeeze & Feed Attachment, and Feeding Spoon Attachment can all be used with whichever of these bags you happen to have to hand, making them extremely useful!


What is Haakaa Home?

 Haakaa Home, broadly speaking, is our range of cleaning and personal hygiene items. From soapberries to hand sanitisers, cleaning cloths & brushes, and menstrual products, Haakaa Home covers those extra things you need to keep your home space nice and hygienic. It even includes some of the more pamper-y things like the Sisal Body Brush, a unique item used for dry brushing, helping exfoliate your skin and stimulate blood circulation.




I have the wooden baby comb and it has started developing yellow spots – should I be worried?

 Not at all! These combs are made from maple wood (while the brush part of the set is made from rubberwood), and as with many wood products, there are oils that can be secreted over time. In this case, those oils may oxidise, which causes them to develop a more yellow hue. This does not harm the wood of the comb, nor is it in any way toxic; it’s just a change in colour. However, if you would like to prevent this, storing the comb in a cool, dry place out of humidity can help slow down the process.



What is the difference between food-grade and medical-grade silicone?

 To start with, both grades of silicone are the two high-quality grades approved to come into contact with our bodies safely. In the case of the food-grade version, it has passed the standards required for cooking and other food-related uses, such as eating with it (e.g. being used as a fork or spoon) or from it (e.g. as a plate or bowl). It’s highly temperature-resistant, so it can go in the oven for typical uses without reacting (up to at least 200°C!). It’s not just suitable for high temperatures, though; it can also be put safely in the freezer – and yes, even into a deep freeze – without affecting the material. Some plastics become extremely brittle if put in the freezer, but this won’t happen with silicone.

 Medical-grade silicone, on the other hand, is tested to even more rigorous standards. This is because medical-grade silicone is designed to be used for medical purposes, including being implanted into the body. This means it needs to be entirely inert, i.e., it won’t react with your body (or anything else, for that matter). Haakaa uses only food-grade or medical-grade silicone, so each and every product is safe, non-toxic, temperature-resistant and inert.