As we reach the end of winter, it starts to get more tempting to head out for more outdoor activities. Going out with our little ones – whether taking the opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine or just heading off to school – usually involves having to pack a lunch of some sort. Let’s look at the range of lunchboxes – and other food storage containers – Haakaa has to offer that can be ideal for transporting and storing lunch, snacks, or anything else you need while you’re away from home!


Let’s start with our 2 Compartment Lunchbox. As with so many Haakaa products, this lunchbox is made of 100% food-grade silicone – so it’s sturdy, durable, easy to clean and, perhaps most importantly, contains no plastics to potentially leach into the food you have stored in it. The 900ml capacity and leakproof seal keep your food fresh and secure no matter where you take it. The off-centre separating wall makes it that much easier to create varied lunches – or even just keep the crackers separate from the fruit!



Similar to the 2 Compartment Lunchbox, and yet oh so different, is the Collapsible Food Storage Container. This container comes in two capacities – the small 860ml version, while the large is a huge 1160ml! These also feature the ever-handy 100% food-grade silicone construction and leakproof lid, but what really sets this container apart is its ability to collapse flat, saving space in your cupboards. Simply pop the bottom out to use as usual, then re-collapse once cleaned and dried to store once more.



Keeping with our 100% food-grade silicone theme, but changing things up a little, is our Round Silicone Food Container Set. This nifty two-piece set consists of two different-sized round containers – the small has a 150ml capacity, and the large is 600ml. Also featuring a leak-proof lid, these containers are deceptively multi-functional – they can bounce around in a bag without worrying about breaks and stack up in your fridge without taking up excess space. They can be used for everything from leftovers, to healthy fruit snacks, to serving as small dessert bowls.



The best thing about all three of these lunchbox options is that you’re not restricted to just using them in that way – they’re not only dishwasher safe, but oven and microwave safe as well (up to 230°C!), making them hugely versatile in the ways you can use them. In addition, because each one is entirely free of plastic, so there is no worrying about nasties such as BPA or phthalates leaching into your food.


However, if you want something a bit different, why not try this gorgeous Stainless Steel Lunchbox! It’s made of high-quality stainless steel, so while you can't put it in the microwave this lunchbox won’t rust, nor will it leach any nasties into your food. What’s more, it also comes with three handy containers that fit perfectly inside – one 150ml Round Silicone Food Container and two 40ml Stainless Steel Sauce Containers. The Sauce Containers feature securely-sealing silicone lids, while the lunchbox has a silicone seal around the lid, keeping all of your food fresh and safe.



For those times you need to store small amounts of food, but not large enough quantities to justify a lunchbox-sized container, did you know that our Gen. 3 pumps can convert into handy little Storage Containers? With the choice between 160ml or 250ml, they’re perfect not only for transporting your expressed milk, but for other liquids and snacks while you’re on the go, even once your breastfeeding or bottlefeeding journey has finished! Made of medical-grade silicone and a non-toxic food-grade PP attachment ring, these nifty little containers are just what you need to pack your chopped fruit, crackers, bikkies, or whichever snacks you feel like taking out with you! They’re easy to keep clean and sterilise, and the twist-tight lids leave them leakproof, so you can rest easy knowing the contents will remain safe in the container. And what’s best is the number of options you have when buying them! If you already have the Gen. 3 pump, all you’ll need are the Sealing Disks. If you don’t already have the pump (or bottle!), you can buy containers singly, or in our convenient 2-packs or 4-packs, both of which are mixed size! As an added bonus, you can swap out the sealing disc for the Gen. 3 Spoon Feeding Attachment - transport and feed from the same container!



For a container that can be used for both drinks and snacks, look no further than Haakaa’s Silicone Sip-N-Snack Cup. This amazing cup transforms from a sippy cup to a snack container with a simple switch of the interchangeable lids! The sippy top fits snuggly to the cup, helping to prevent accidental spills and side leaks, and also features a special valve to help make drinking a breeze. Once your child has outgrown the sippy cup lid, simply leave it off to use as a regular drinking cup. When snack time rolls around, the sippy top can be changed to the spill-proof snack lid instead! This lid has a unique petal design with soft silicone flaps that keep snacks safe inside the cup but allow easy access for little hands, letting them feed themselves without a problem.



While lunchboxes and other containers are great for our older kids who can cope with feeding themselves, for the babies who are still learning to eat solids, we might still find ourselves needing to feed them ourselves. For this you can’t go past the Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon. To use, simply fill the tube with puréed baby food and pop on the lid. Once it’s time to feed your baby, remove the lid and gently squeeze the tube until the food is on the spoon, and feed like usual! The new cross-cut spoon makes dispensing food a breeze, whether it’s thicker oatmeal or a thin fruit purée. Like so many Haakaa products, this Baby Food Dispensing Spoon is made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone; if you need to warm the food, the tube can be popped into a container of hot water to heat it without worrying about any plastics contaminating the food inside. Once your little one has finished feeding, put the lid back on and return the tube to your bag! As always, this feeding spoon is easy to sterilise – just pop in a steam steriliser or boil for 2-3 minutes!