We’ve previously talked about some of our gift pack ideas for new mums, but that list was far from exhaustive. So today, we’re going to have a quick look at a few more of the amazing Gift Packs Haakaa has to offer all of those who are expecting a new arrival! The sets we’ll be dealing with today are all based around our incredibly popular pumps, and each one serves a different set of uses, preferences and budgets. As you’ll see, no matter what you (or the new mum in your life!) are after, Haakaa has a gift set to get you started on your pumping journey.


Gen. 1 100ml Breast Pump & Flower Stopper Gift Box

Beginning with the pump that kicked it all off, we have the Gen. 1 100ml Breast Pump & Flower Stopper Gift Box. This affordable little pack contains what you need to get started – the 100ml Gen. 1 Breast Pump plus a Flower Stopper to keep your milk safe once you’ve expressed what you need! Ideal for those who are just beginning their pumping journey, you’ll be able to express immediately, then work out which extras you’ll need later.




Gen. 1 100ml Breast Pump & Cap Set

The pair to the Gen. 1 Pump & Flower Stopper Gift Box is the Breast Pump & Cap Set. The only difference with this set is the Flower Stopper is replaced with a Silicone Cap. The cap covers the whole flange, meaning you can use it to keep your milk safe or just pop it on when the pump isn’t in use to keep it clean and safe from dust and other nasties!



New Mum Premium Pack

The Gen. 2 gift sets start with the New Mum Premium Pack! This pack has the larger 150ml Gen. 2 Breast Pump, along with a Flower Stopper and a Silicone Cap. In addition to these are the 90ml Gen. 3 Glass Bottle, three Silicone Sealing Discs to turn your bottle into a storage jar, and, as if that wasn’t enough, a Nanosilver Silicone Dummy! For those who prefer the Gen. 2 Pump with its two size options (100ml/150ml) and the suction base to keep it stable when on a flat, smooth surface, this is an exceptional gift set to get you started.


New Mum Starter Pack

If that seems like a bit too much to be starting with, though, the New Mum Starter Pack might be just the thing you’re after. Like the New Mum Premium Pack, this gift pack includes the 150ml Pump, Flower Stopper and Silicone Cap. The difference here, though, is the New Mum Starter Pack comes with a handy pack of disposable nursing pads. These butterfly-shaped pads are made of an absorbent polymer and stay-dry lining to keep you comfortable. Pump your milk, keep it safe, and make sure your clothes stay clean and dry with this practical little pack!




On-the-Go Pumping Travel Set

Rounding out this group of Gen. 2 gift packs is the On-the-Go Pumping Travel Set. Along with the Pump, Flower Stopper and Silicone Cap, this set is designed for convenience with the Silicone Milk Storage Bag and the Healthy Hands Sanitising Spray. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to express and store milk quickly, easily, and hygienically.



Gen. 3 Silicone Pump & Bottle Pack

Moving on to the next generation, we have the Gen. 3 Silicone Pump & Bottle Pack. This pack contains not one but two 160ml Gen. 3 bottles, plus a pump flange so you can easily express milk, then immediately convert it to a bottle for feeding. For those who might need to store their milk – or any other goodies they want to use this for – there are also two Gen. 3 Bottle Sealing disks! Express, store, and feed without worrying about spilling milk as you transfer it between containers – because you won’t need to transfer it at all! But, of course, that’s not all that’s great about this pack. The Gen. 3 is designed to grow with your baby. You’re able to buy attachments that will turn this pump not only into a bottle or storage container, but also a feeding spoon container, sippy spout, or just a regular cup. Versatility and the ability to reuse are vital in today’s eco-conscious world, and the Gen. 3 is the ideal way to get long-lasting, continued use out of one ultra-durable, convenient product.


This is just another part of our range of gift packs - which of them are your favourites? Of course, you’re not restricted to only buying these in packs. Putting together a set of your favourites is easily done by browsing each category, from breastfeeding and pumping to beginning solids, skincare and more! Grab things stage by stage as needed, or make yourself a baby shower wish list to share with friends and family.