What is a good gift for a new mum? Or maybe you’re wondering which breastfeeding essentials you need for yourself and the little one you’re expecting. If this is your first (or even fourth!) time having to think about this, you’re in good hands. Choosing gifts for mothers, whether it’s yourself or someone else, a first pregnancy or third, can be tricky – what do they like? What do they need? Do those two things coincide? Luckily, Haakaa have a range of Gift Sets to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets.




An ideal option for a new mum is our Breastfeeding Bundle. This comprehensive set contains some of our bestselling breastfeeding gear, giving the mother in your life the perfect start on the journey that is breastfeeding. Inside, you’ll find a 6-pack of Colostrum Collectors, giving mum the chance to start saving colostrum even before baby arrives (subject to approval from their Lead Maternity Carer). Alongside the Collectors are our 150ml Gen. 2 Silicone Breast Pump and a 5-pack of our 260ml Silicone Milk Storage Bags to store all that precious milk. Then on top of that, there are not one but two 75ml Ladybug Milk Collectors to save let-down and leakage! Finally, to round out this fantastic gift set, you’ll receive a 60ml bottle of Healthy Hands Sanitising Spray, with everything coming packed in a sturdy and extremely useful tote bag*. This bundle is amazing value for money and gives you everything needed to get started in one go!

*Tote bag colour is randomly selected from black or khaki.





Next up is our stunning Generation 3 Premium Pack! Designed to grow with your baby, this pack allows you to express, feed and store milk effectively with this world-first 5-in-1 feeding system! The base of this pack is the 250ml Gen. 3 Silicone Breast Pump. The major difference between this pump and the Gen. 1 & Gen. 2 versions is the ability to remove the pump flange and attach a different accessory, easily converting it from pump to bottle to storage container and more! In addition to the 250ml pump, a 160ml Gen. 3 Silicone Baby Bottle (complete with a slow flow teat) is included – and the best part is you can quickly and easily interchange the parts. Only need to express 160ml? Switch the pump flange to the smaller bottle. Likewise, if you need a 250ml bottle to feed bubs, simply pop the bottle teat onto the pump body, and you have a larger bottle! To go with these, the pack includes two more Anti-colic Bottle Nipples – a second Slow Flow Anti-Colic Nipple, and a Variable (fast) Flow Anti-Colic Nipple. Two Silicone Bottle Sealing Disks allow you to transform your pump into a storage container, keeping your expressed milk safe without having to pour it from one container to another. To prevent accidental spills from your pump, a Silicone Flower Stopper is provided to sit snugly in the neck of the pump flange. Also included are two spare Bottle Attachment Rings and two extra Bottle Caps to keep dust and other nasties from settling on your bottle teats. The final two attachments in this huge pack are where the Gen. 3 pumps really come into their own – they’re designed to keep your bottles going even while your baby is going through all those feeding changes, from starting solids to learning to drink from their own cup! The Feeding Spoon Attachment gives a smooth transition into solids, while the Sippy Spout Attachment has a straw that is weighted at the bottom, letting your little one drink for themselves no matter the angle to bottle is tipped at – and yes, that even includes when it’s upside-down!




The Breast Milk Save and Stash Pack is just the thing if all you're after is something to save leakage and let-down, with somewhere to store it. This pack has two 150ml Ladybug Breast Milk Collectors and two 260ml Breast Milk Storage Bags to transfer the collected milk to. On top of that, however, you also get Haakaa’s amazing Silicone Brush! It’s not just perfect for your Ladybugs and Milk Storage Bags – once you don’t need a separate brush for your milk collectors, this one is great for cleaning your dishes, or anything else that needs a good – but gentle – scrub. Finally, this pack comes complete with our Portable Storage Bag – ideal for keeping your Ladybugs or other tiny bits and pieces safe and secure.









There’s more to gifts for new mums than just getting ready for breastfeeding, though that is, of course, important. But taking care of our skin, both for mum and bubs, is another important consideration. Haakaa’s increasing range of made-in-New-Zealand skincare options –  for babies and the grownups who care for them – has a couple of gift sets that can get you started.


To begin with is the Relax & Renew Pamper Box. This set contains an aromatherapy eye pillow to help soothe your eyes and calm your mind. Creating a sensation of light pressure on your eyelids and blocking out light sends a signal to your body to relax, making it perfect for bedtime, yoga, or meditation. The aromatherapy provided by natural botanicals and essential oils helps relieve stress – and smells amazing. Alongside this amazing eye pillow is a bar of Shea Butter Soap. Made from cold-processed shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, this soap nourishes all skin types, whether dry, sensitive, delicate or mature – or a combination of any of these. The inclusion of mānuka honey and essential oil of lavender to the soap gently cleanses your skin, leaving behind a delicate floral scent.





This baby skin-care option is an absolute lifesaver to have on hand – the Baby-Soft Skincare Set. This set contains two balms – the Baby Bottom Balm, ideal for helping prevent nappy rash, and your choice of one of three additional balms. The Baby Bottom Balm come with every set, and creates a moisturising barrier on your baby’s skin to prevent irritation and soothe and heal any nappy rash. The second balm you get to choose – Breathe Easy helps to ease cough and cold symptoms, Restore & Adore is specially formulated to help with emerging skin conditions, while Sweet Dreams is designed to soothe your baby as part of their bedtime routine. These preservative-free balms are all made in New Zealand, using only the best 100% natural ingredients to protect and soothe your baby.





Finally, if you just aren’t sure what the mum-to-be in your life would like, you can’t go wrong with a gift card! Coming in $20, $50, $100 & $200 denominations, gift cards are perfect for giving your loved one the gift of choice. What’s more, these gift cards have no additional processing fees and are delivered by email, meaning they can be sent instantly, no matter where you or the person you’re buying for are.