Silicone is wonderful, isn’t it? So many Haakaa products make use of this incredible material, from the original Breast Pumps, to food storage containers, to toys. It’s soft, safe, durable, non-toxic, and oh so versatile. But silicone isn’t the only material we utilise here – while we actively steer clear of plastics at every opportunity, there are some other timeless materials that are just impossible to turn away from. They look good and they’re sustainable. It’s time to say hello to a few wood, bamboo and stainless steel Haakaa products!





 Wood has a whole range of things going for it – it looks gorgeous, is strong, completely natural, and, when properly cared for, has the potential to last a lifetime. What’s more, the mere presence of wood in our lives can be good for us – research has found that touching wood even has the ability to induce relaxation1! Combine these features in a bowl that’s been lovingly handcrafted, and you know you’re onto a winner. The Handcrafted Wooden Mushroom Bowl combines the best of the wood and silicone worlds to create a unique piece of children’s tableware that is eco-conscious, functional, and cute as a button. This bowl is perfectly sized for little hands, with a removable silicone suction base that keeps the bowl firmly on the table! It also comes with a silicone cap that doubles as a side plate, making this bowl incredibly versatile.





Going in a completely different direction but still maintaining all the advantages of wood is the Goat Wool Baby Hair Brush. Made from rubberwood and goat wool, this brush is ideal for preventing cradle cap and gently increasing blood flow while providing a soothing sensation for babies. What’s more, the super soft goat wool bristles are pressed into the brush, not glued, so there is no need to worry about potential reactions to harsh glues on your baby’s skin. You also have the option to buy the brush by itself or as part of a set with a maple wood comb! The fine-toothed design of the comb is perfect for gently untangling delicate baby hair.







Bamboo is another genuinely fantastic material. Actually a grass, bamboo is a naturally robust, flexible material that can be eaten, used in construction or to make paper, can improve soil structure, is a good carbon sink, and grows extremely quickly – up to one metre per day in some species2. This makes it one of the most sustainable, renewable resources available. But those aren’t the only uses bamboo can be put to. Our first bamboo product goes wonderfully with the Wooden Mushroom Bowl – the Natural Bamboo Kids Fork 2-pack. Made in Japan by master craftsmen, the forks are made from carbonised bamboo then finished with food-safe oil. Being made of bamboo, they’re not only strong but also very lightweight, making them easy for tiny hands to pick up and use. They’re also heat and stain-resistant and won’t absorb flavours from your child’s food.





The following two products are probably not what would immediately come to mind when thinking of bamboo. It’s an interesting and increasingly well-known fact, however, that bamboo fabrics can perform better than cotton regarding both absorbency and antibacterial behaviour3. This is why it's the perfect material for these next two items. First up, our All-Day Reusable Nursing Pad Set. While the Ladybug Milk Collector is a fantastic item when wanting to use that leakage or extra let-down rather than losing it, there are also some people for whom a traditional nursing pad is the preferred option - and some situations when they might be more convenient. These pads are super discreet and have a contoured cone shape to avoid lumps or bulges under your clothes. In addition, bamboo and microfibre absorb leaks very well, while the waterproof outer layer prevents any milk from staining your tops.





Made from the same soft bamboo, microfibre and polyester materials as the Reusable Nursing Pads are the Reusable Sanitary Pads! Just like the Nursing Pads, they are breathable and absorbent while being a much more environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads. These come in a set of four, each a different size to cover each stage of your cycle, and there are ten different patterns to choose from.





Stainless Steel



Haakaa has a whole range of items to look at in the stainless steel category. From cleaning products to flasks to lunchboxes, there’s a piece to keep you going for years and years. Why stainless steel? When kept in good condition, there are no pores or cracks in which dirt or bacteria can hide, so it can be washed with simple soap and water. It is impervious to most corrosive activities caused by a wide range of foods4 and is very strong, meaning if dropped, it is very unlikely to crack or break – though of course it can still dent, so some care is required.


So, what does Haakaa have? Beginning with cleaning, there is the Soap Shaker! Instead of buying disposable plastic bottles of dishwashing detergent, you can switch to the much more eco-friendly Haakaa Dish Soap and use the Shaker to create foamy lather and wash your dishes. The soap is all-natural, vegan, and free from palm oil, while the Shaker makes it super easy to use – open the cage, pop the bar in, close and lock the cage using the handle ring, then shake under the water until bubbles form! To clean the Shaker, simply rinse the soap away under running water and hang up to dry.





Our Stainless Steel Pegs come in handy 20-piece sets. They’re strong enough to hold even the heaviest of laundry, but their smooth design means you won’t be left with any marks. But it’s not just laundry these pegs can be used for – use them to seal food bags, keep your documents together, hang your child's paintings up to dry, or anything else that requires a firm yet gentle item to hold things together.





Thermal flasks are a great way to keep yourself hydrated no matter the time of year and no matter the temperature of either the environment or your drink. Haakaa has a couple of different options for the kids and for the grownups! The Easy-carry Kids Thermal Flask is exactly as the name implies. At 350ml, the capacity is perfect for little hands and tummies, and the double-walled construction will keep liquids cool for up to 7 hours or warm for up to 8! 





Meanwhile, the Stainless Steel Thermal Flask is very much designed for adults – the capacity is a whopping 750ml, giving you enough to keep you going no matter what. It will keep your drinks insulated for the same length of time as the smaller kid’s flask, and its snap-lock lid will prevent any accidental spills.




These are just a few of those amazing items made from durable, eco-friendly materials that stand proudly alongside Haakaa’s world-famous silicone products. Which ones are your favourites?






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