Haakaa products are easy to clean and sterilise, and that’s not by accident. We know how important it is to be able to quickly get all your breastfeeding gear ready to use. But that doesn’t mean a few tips to get them to their best possible condition can’t be helpful! So without further ado, let’s look at the best ways to keep your silicone (and other!) products clean.


One of the most important things to have in your arsenal when it’s time to clean up your pumps and bottles is a good bottle brush. Having something designed to scrub every bit of milk or food residue from your items without scouring or causing damage will make your life a whole lot easier. The Silicone Cleaning Brush Kit is the perfect solution to keeping pretty much any Haakaa product clean – or any other products you have in your house! Consisting of three different-sized silicone brushes, this kit is designed with ease in mind. The bottle brush is double-ended and features soft, flexible silicone bristles. At one end is the large brush head which is perfect for getting into the big open areas of your pumps, bottles and storage bags. The other end features the tapered tip of the smaller brush head to help thoroughly clean more awkward spots such as the corners of bottle teats or milk collectors! Of course, this is a set, so there’s more than just the bottle brush. Two Silicone Tube Brushes (one large, one small) are included, ideal for cleaning out those really tiny spaces such as Colostrum Collectors, straws, or dummies. The soft silicone edges make them safe for use across a range of small, narrow products, or just for finding the small corners in your other items.






So, you’ve got your pump and bottle, and you’ve got the brushes – what next? Surely it can’t be that easy to clean a Haakaa pump? Yes, it really is that easy, especially if you’re washing it immediately after you’ve used and emptied it. Give it a rinse, wash it in warm soapy water (making sure to give the inside a good scrub with your brush) and leave to dry. It’s best to use mild dish soaps to help extend the life of your pumps. And while it’s perfectly safe to pop your pump in the dishwasher, we still recommend handwashing to avoid potential discolouration and odour build-up from the dishwasher itself. Sterilising is likewise incredibly easy with silicone. Haakaa has two primary recommendations with your silicone items. First, steam sterilising is amazingly effective and affordable. Microwave steam sterilisers can be picked up from almost any store that sells baby products relatively inexpensively, and they’re a cinch to use – most involve putting a small amount of water in the bottom, then microwaving for a couple of minutes. Check your steriliser for more specific instructions, as they may vary. The other method we recommend is boiling water. Simply bring water to a boil in a pot, then boil your products for 2-3 minutes. Make sure to use clean tongs (or similar) when removing from the water to avoid burns – this goes for steam sterilisers, too. While other methods can be used for silicone (such as UV sterilisers), we do not recommend using these as they may impact the lifespan of your products.




But what about your non-silicone items? For things like our Wooden Mushroom Bowl, the dishwasher is very much out of bounds – being a handcrafted natural wood product, it isn’t dishwasher-safe (or microwave-safe, for that matter). This one has to be handwashed, but in this respect, it’s the same as anything else – give it a good wash in warm, soapy water, then dry thoroughly. Getting your hands on a good quality, food-safe oil is another tip that will help your wooden bowl last for years to come. Being a natural product, wood can have a tendency to dry out, leading to cracks. By oiling it periodically, you can give your bowl, as well as any wooden spoons, chopping boards, or other wooden kitchen implements a gorgeous finish and extend their lifespans. Have a search for places that sell oils for this purpose. Food-grade mineral oil is the most common and highly effective option, but for those who would prefer something more plant-based, you could try linseed or walnut oil. Beeswax-based chopping board oils are another great alternative. Have a look around and see what is available and what meets your preferences in your area. One note, however – it is generally not recommended to use cooking oils for your wooden kitchenware – these oils are not designed to last and are prone to going rancid, so make sure to get a food-safe oil specifically intended for woodware.


Stainless Steel


There are several Haakaa products made from stainless steel. Luckily, this material is also incredibly easy to keep clean. First up, steer clear of any harsh abrasives, scouring powders, bleach-based products or steel wool – all of these can scratch or damage your steel products. Instead, trusty warm, soapy water and a soft brush will get things clean! For something like our Stainless Steel Straws(link), you’ll need a smaller brush – the straws in the Silicone Cleaning Brush Kit above are perfect for this. Give the straws a good rinse after cleaning to get rid of any soap residue, and you’re good to go! A good brush is even more important for products such as our Stainless Steel Thermal Flask(link). Because thermal bottles and flasks use a vacuum between two walls to maintain your drink’s temperature, dishwashers are not a good idea – the high temperatures and slightly harsher detergents used by dishwashers can impact the insulation, reducing the effectiveness of your bottle. Giving your bottle a good handwash and rinse, then letting it dry, will ensure it lasts a good long while.


Making sure you have good quality detergents and brushes to handwash your Haakaa items is the best way to ensure they continue to last for years in tip-top condition while remaining clean and hygienic at all times.