Hey mamas – we’re back this time with another product FAQ, this time on our ever-popular Ladybug Silicone Milk Collectors! We’ve received sooo many messages asking about it, what it is exactly and what it does. All the answers you’ve been seeking are on this page, so keep reading!

  1. What does the Ladybug Silicone Milk Collector do?

Haakaa’s Ladybug is designed to help you collect your breast milk leakage and let-down during the day as you’re on-the-move. It attaches to your breast and sits in your bra, using gentle suction to maximise the amount of breast milk leakage it collects. Instead of letting your liquid gold go to waste in nursing pads, our little Ladybug makes sure every drop is saved!

  1. How is the Ladybug different from the Haakaa pump?

The Ladybug Milk Collector is simply that – a milk collector. It collects your let-down as you get on with your day – unlike our silicone pumps, which generate continuous suction that draws out your milk.

The Haakaa pump is designed to help you express milk, while the Ladybug is simply a tool to collect the milk that you naturally happen to produce during the day. The suction the Ladybug produces is not strong enough to help you express milk on its own.

  1. How long can I wear the Ladybug for?

According to the breastfeeding guidelines of New Zealand and other international organisations, breast milk can only be safely kept at room temperature for up to four hours maximum. Because you wear the Ladybug against your body, raising the temperature above room temperature, we recommend that you wear it for no longer than 2 hours at a time, to ensure that the milk you collect does not become unsafe.

If you need to wear your Ladybug for longer stretches of time, you can simply empty your milk into a safe storage container after 2 hours of wear and store the milk away in the fridge or freezer. Then wash your collector with warm soapy water, dry thoroughly and reattach. Repeat periodically as needed.

  1. Can you see the Ladybug under your clothes?

The Ladybug is not visible under clothes. That’s because it features a one-piece design made of super soft and flexible food grade silicone, allowing you to tuck it discreetly into your bra with no awkward lumps or bulges!

  1. How do I wear the Milk Collector?

To attach the Ladybug, lightly press the back, centre the opening over your nipple, attach onto your breast and release your grip. Watch the below video for more guidance:

  1. Why don’t I seem to get much milk?

Because the Ladybug is only meant to be used as a collector, and not as an expressing device, you may find that you do not get as much milk as you had hoped. It doesn’t mean that the Ladybug you’ve received is faulty or dysfunctional. It simply means that you may not produce a lot of breast milk leakage during the day – and that’s completely okay! Every body is different.

  1. Can I empty my Milk Collector throughout the day into the same bottle?

You can store the milk you collect during the day into the same bottle – just make sure the milk is cooled before adding it to the milk you’ve already stored away. For further information, please see the guidelines by your country’s health organisation on storing breast milk into the same container.

  1. Can I sleep with my Milk Collector on overnight?

You can sleep with the Ladybug on to prevent leaks and stains from getting on your clothes and sheets. Please bear in mind that any breast milk collected overnight cannot be stored at room temperature for more than 4 hours. If you sleep with your Ladybug on overnight (longer than 4 hours) then the breast milk you collect in the morning will not be safe for your baby.