If you’ve been expressing milk, or you’re planning to in the future, you probably already know that one of the key things you’ll need is somewhere to store it. Having dedicated containers means you can easily keep them clean, sterilised and available for use, in a way that doesn’t leave everyone confused about what is stored in which container. And when it comes to convenient, hygienic milk storage, Haakaa’s Silicone Milk Storage Bags are the perfect option. They’re even versatile enough to continue to be used once you’ve finished breastfeeding, as the additional accessories make it easier to prolong or even expand their usefulness!


The Bags


So what is the Milk Storage Bag? Pretty much exactly what the name implies. It’s a 100% food-grade silicone storage bag designed to safely store your breastmilk, and they’re easy to wash and sterilise so you can use them over and over again! Many plastic milk storage bags are single-use only – each one adds to the plastic waste building up that often makes its way into our rivers and oceans, no matter how careful we are about disposing of them. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that some plastics can leach toxins into the food or drink you have stored in them. These milk storage bags contain no plastic whatsoever, and as silicone is incredibly temperature resistant, you can safely store your milk in the fridge or freezer, as well as use boiling water or steam to sterilise them. At 260ml, you get a good-sized storage capacity, and if you need more, you have the choice of buying them singly or in 2-, 5- or 10-packs. Featuring a wide neck and base, the Milk Storage Bags are also amazingly easy to fill – no mess, no fuss!


The younger sibling to the Milk Storage Bags is the Yummy Pouch. The Yummy Pouch has a 130ml capacity, making it ideal for small snacks, especially purées and yoghurt. Instead of buying and throwing away disposable plastic yoghurt pouches, you can instead get a single large container – or make your own in bulk! As with the Milk Storage Bag, the Yummy Pouch has a flat base and wide neck to enable quick, easy filling. The included straw makes things even easier for little hands, allowing little ones to get the very last drop of thinner purées. Alternatively, remove the straw to let stronger hands roll up the bottom of the pouch or simply squeeze to enjoy. Being made of silicone, you can prepare in advance and store the Yummy Pouch in the freezer (without the straw) for those hot summer days. Remove from the freezer, allowing enough time for the frozen contents to soften, and you have a lovely, chilled snack with minimal fuss and effort.


The Accessories


When it comes to both the Milk Storage Bags and the Yummy Pouches, one of the best things is the interchangeable accessories that go with them. While these accessories are simple, they expand the range of use the bags can be put to, changing them from simple storage to feeders, drink bottles, and more! And on top of that, because the Milk Storage Bags and Yummy Pouches have the same size neck, each accessory can be switched between them – there’s no need to buy multiple versions of the same thing!


First up, the Squeeze & Feed Attachment turns your bag or pouch into an on-the-go feeding pouch by way of the handy feeding nipple! Simply swap out the stopper for the Squeeze & Feed Attachment. The nipple features a cross-cut opening, allowing your baby to feed at their own pace. This attachment is suitable for thin liquids such as milk and water, making it ideal for when you’re out and about. Keep your expressed breastmilk in the bag somewhere it can stay chilled, always remembering to follow your country’s breastmilk storage guidelines. When you’re ready to use it, the milk can be heated right there in the bag by popping it into hot water, and the attachment lets you do the rest! There is even a handy dustproof cap to keep the nipple clean when it’s not in use.



A more recent addition to the Milk Storage Bag Accessory family is the Silicone Feeding Spoon Attachment. The Milk Storage Bag and Feeding Spoon combination is perfect for babies just learning to eat solids – the cross-cut opening in the spoon means it can handle baby foods and purées, whether thick or thin, and the raised edges on the spoon help to minimise spills. Also, like the Squeeze & Feed Attachment, the Feeding Spoon Attachment includes a dustproof lid to keep the spoon clean while not in use. It can even have a second life as a travel spoon! Rather than attaching it to a bag or pouch, simply pop the lid on the other end of the spoon as a handle. Just like that you’ve got a spoon you can use at home, out camping, hiking, at work – anywhere you might need it!



The Sippy Spout is the ideal next step in your baby’s feeding journey. The soft silicone spout with its cross-cut opening makes it an excellent way for little mouths and hands to get to grips with self-feeding. Because the cross-cut opening allows for variable flows, your child will be able to feed at their own pace, and it works well for baby foods and purées. As with the other accessories there’s a dustproof cap, and it’s attached to make sure it never gets lost!



A particularly useful accessory to go with your Milk Storage Bags when you’re out of the house is the Silicone Carry Strap. Made of food-grade silicone with a metal clasp at each end, this strap is designed to clip onto the connections that can be found on top of the storage bag, giving you a handle you can attach to your handbag or stroller! Even better, it can be used to keep track of all those little bits and pieces that can so easily be lost when you’re out – teethers, dummies, even your keys!


Note: this strap is not designed to be attached to your baby’s clothing – it is for adult use only, so keep it out of reach of children at all times.