2022 has brought with it a slightly different outlook than previous "covid" years. We're beginning to peek out from underneath the blanket at the possibility of borders opening back up, the idea of an overseas holiday becoming more tangible, and at the reality of living with covid in the community. 

Our little ones watch us and learn how to navigate the world based on how we interact with it. So when there is a lot of uncertainty like there is at the moment, we can at least show them how to manage their immediate environment to keep themselves and others safe and protected.  

While we may not be able to control things out in the community, no matter how careful we are, we can still make our homes a safe, clean space for us and our families. Haakaa has a range of household and personal cleaning products to protect you and your little ones from bugs and other nasties while being gentle on skin, lungs and surfaces.

Hypoclean Go

We can't stress this enough – this thing is AWESOME. You can make your own super-effective disinfectant at home with just a bit of tap water and table salt! This system creates two different kinds of disinfectant, depending on what purpose you're using it for. The first is a household cleaning solution suitable for hard surfaces, and the second is an all-purpose disinfectant that is safe on skin and all other household disinfecting. The way it works is through a process called electrolysis, where an electric current is run through water to change the chemical compounds in it. In terms of the Hypoclean Go System, you pour tap water, salt and vinegar into the bottle, press the power button, and after three minutes, you have your disinfectant solution ready to go! The water reverts to "normal" after a week, so you have plenty of time to use it, minimising the environmental impact!

It's super quick and easy to operate, and the disinfectant solution is non-toxic and safe for you and your family. The disinfectant that the Hypoclean Go produces is a mild hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a natural disinfectant that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and has proven to be even more effective than standard household bleach! It's safe to use around the whole family, as it is produced by our white blood cells to fight infections as part of our bodies' natural immune systems. It also has a powerful deodorising effect to eliminate strong smells…nappy bins; we're looking at you!

Healthy Home Sanitising Spray 

While the stress of covid plays at the back (or front) of our minds, there's one thing guaranteed to bring more germs into the home. Kindy! For those parents whose little ones have moved up in the world and are now spending their days at kindy having a great time running around, interacting with one another, and learning to share - germs and illness are unfortunately one of the things they are sharing a LOT. The Haakaa Healthy Home Sanitising Spray can lift a little of the stress caused by unwelcome nasties hitching a ride home on your child's things by eliminating illness-causing pathogens on contact for up to 30 days. This non-toxic and eco-friendly spray is suitable for use all around the home, on toys, backpacks, and so much more – no wiping or drying necessary!  

Healthy Hands Sanitising Spray 

It's ingrained in us to sanitise our hands either before or after visiting the shops, interacting with others, or just in general! Our alcohol-free Healthy Hands Sanitising Spray protects your entire family with its non-toxic, eco-friendly blend. It won't dry out your skin, kills 99.9% of germs and forms a protective barrier on contact for up to 24hrs. For decades, it has been trusted to eliminate bacteria and viruses on contact without causing irritation. Available in travel-size 60ml bottles, it's the perfect addition to any handbag, baby bag or kindy backpack!

 Dish Soap and Soap Shaker

Environmentally friendly and gentle on your hands, Haakaa's Dish Soap means you can wave goodbye to plastic packaging, bottles and harsh detergents! Made with all-natural ingredients, our Dish Soap is the ideal waste-free way to get your dishes sparkling clean. The coconut oil in the bar breaks down tough grime and grease, while the castor oil moisturises and keeps your skin protected. Our soap is free of palm oil and sustainably packaged, making it the greener, kinder choice for both your household and the environment! 

Create a foamy lather worthy of a bubble bath with our Haakaa Soap Shaker! Pair it with our dish soap or your favourite bar soap to create a soapy lather to wash your dishes in. Made of stainless steel; our soap shaker won't rust or corrode, so will make itself home under your kitchen sink for years to come!   

Soap Berries

It's amazing how versatile nature can be! Haakaa's soapberries are a natural, hypoallergenic alternative to traditional laundry detergents and soap. While they start as dry and "nut-like", they lather up really effectively once they are put in water! They are safe to use for babies and children and are perfect for those who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin. Soapberries are amazingly multipurpose and can be used as an eco-friendly solution to a wide range of cleaning needs – think dishwashing liquid, hand soap, laundry liquid, hair shampoo, mild insect repellent, pet shampoo, bathroom and kitchen cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, pre-wash stain remover and mould remover! Once you've finished using them, throw them in the compost bin or let them break down naturally in your garden. There are several ways to prepare these little berries, shown below:

  • As a laundry detergent:
  1. Place 5 - 8 berries into the washing bag provided with every purchase. Ensure the bag is securely closed.
  2. For warm and hot washes, place the bag in the washing machine with your laundry. For cold washes, soak the bag in warm water for three minutes first.

5 - 8 berries can be used for up to five loads of laundry, which means one full bag of Haakaa Soapberries (500g) can cover up to 180 wash loads!

  • As an all-purpose cleaner:
  1. Add three berries per cup of water to a clean and empty pot and bring to a boil.
  2. Once boiling, turn down the heat, mash the berries inside the pot and leave to simmer for 20 minutes.
  3. Turn off the heat and leave the liquid in the pot to cool.
  4. Remove and strain the berries before transferring the liquid to a spray jar or bottle.