Haakaa may be known for our breast pumps, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we make. You’re probably familiar with some of our other products – the Ladybug and Fresh Food Feeder are particularly famous – but we’re always looking for ways to make life with little ones that little bit easier. It’s time to see some of the products that have made their way to our shelves in the past few months that you may not have been introduced to yet!


The first item we’ll introduce today is the Multifunctional Silicone Storage Basket, which is in a class all of its own. More than just a basket, this unique item can carry anything from groceries to kids’ toys (up to 5kg!), or it can lie flat to be used as a pot rest or placemat, protecting your table and benches from heat and cold damage! Being made of silicone, it’s heat resistant and robust, able to withstand temperatures from -20°C all the way up to 250°C, yet is soft enough to gently cradle your pot plants. Carry by its two sturdy handles, or simply hang it over hooks or other secure fixtures, and you’ve got a storage solution that is bounded only by your imagination. And because it sits flat when not stretched into a basket, it is easy to transport while reducing cupboard space when it’s not in use! When using it as a basket, just remember it's a little like a net basket – anything too small may fall out of the gaps, so it's definitely most suitable for slightly larger things. Think around fist-sized or bigger.






Another (not new) item many of you will be familiar with is the Gen. 3 bottle – specifically, its feeding spoon attachment. It’s an amazingly useful accessory in the Gen. 3 range, turning your pump into a feeding bottle with a simple switch of attachments. The good news is that this functionality is no longer limited just to the bottles! The brand-new attachment to our Milk Storage Bags and Yummy Pouches is the Silicone Feeding Spoon Attachment! This soft spoon features a cross-cut valve (perfect for both thinner liquids and thicker purées), as well as raised edges to help minimise accidental spills. Made from one piece of food-grade silicone, it’s gentle on little mouths and super easy to clean. Finally, it comes complete with a dustproof lid to keep the spoon clean and safe from all those airborne nasties when it’s not in use. You even have the option of buying the spoon by itself if you already have Milk Storage Bags or Yummy Pouches, or if you don’t, grab a spoon and Yummy Pouch as a set!





Winter might be when we notice all the colds that tend to go around, but babies are susceptible to runny noses all year round. That’s why it’s always good to have a way to clear their blocked noses, no matter the time of year. One of our newest products is designed to help you do just that with minimal fuss. The Silicone Penguin Nasal Aspirator is a whole new way to clear your little one’s stuffy nostrils, one that’s very different from the usual bulb aspirators. The Penguin Nasal Aspirator is made of 100% food-grade silicone, making it soft and gentle, but it’s the dual-valve system that makes all the difference, preventing fluid from escaping while allowing air to be released through the outlet. There are two tips to choose from – the Arc tip is for little noses (0-12mths), while the Cone tip is suitable for slightly older children (12mths+). Even better, though, is how easy it is to clean – it disassembles for easy access and comes with a specialised cleaning brush to help you get to each little nook and cranny, ensuring it is able to be thoroughly cleaned each and every time. And because it’s silicone, it’s as easy as ever to sterilise. After it has been emptied and well cleaned (warm soapy water and the brush should do the trick), just pop it into a steam steriliser, or boil in water for 2-3 minutes.





If there’s one thing most babies like to do, it’s touch pretty much everything in reach. Having a quick and easy way to sanitise their hands before they put them in their mouths is something a huge number of parents want, and now it’s easier than ever to do. Haakaa’s Foaming Instant Hand Sanitiser is made from plant-derived ingredients and is a gentle, alcohol-free alternative that’s perfect for the whole family. With three sizes to choose from, there’s an option for you no matter the circumstances. The 60ml bottle is compact enough to take out and about, while the 300ml is great for long-lasting use at home. In the middle is the 150ml – the perfect split between the two. Being a foam, it’s also much easier to check whether it’s coating everything it needs to – not to mention more fun for the little ones! Just make sure to keep it out of reach when not in use.





This next entry is an amazing addition to the Haakaa family. Our brand-new Bust Oil has been specially crafted from 12 different natural oils to help moisturise and tighten your skin, and it smells terrific. The gorgeous glass bottle has a dropper to let you have complete control over how much you use, and it looks great next to the rest of your skincare items! Use daily after a warm bath or shower to let this oil really work its magic – first, massage in circular motions from the outside to the inside of your breasts, then use both hands to gently brush your skin in an upwards motion. The combination of the oils and gentle massage will help moisturise, improve your circulation, and encourage firmer, more supple skin.

Please note: this product is intended for those who have finished their breastfeeding journey, and should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.




Finally, this next item is less a new product and more of a fun, fresh, Christmas-y take on an old one! Our Flower Stoppers are the perfect things for keeping your freshly pumped milk safe from accidental knocks and spills, and they’re super cute to go with it. These have now been expanded into a festive range for all you Christmas-loving breastfeeding mums out there! There are four stoppers to choose from – a snowman, a Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, or a Santa hat. There’s even a whole range of options when it comes to getting them – you can choose just the one you like best, grab a Gen. 1 or Gen. 2 pump with your choice of Christmas Stopper, or buy all four Stoppers in a set! These are a limited-edition product, though – once they’re gone, they’re gone, so make sure to grab your favourite today!




Which of these new products have you already tried out? And which one is next on your list?