When it’s time to start your breastfeeding journey, it’s easy to focus just on breast pumps or bottles. The Haakaa breast pumps are world famous whether we’re talking Gen. 1, Gen. 2, or Gen. 3 – and with good cause! – but there are other items that might fly under the radar a little that will help make your nursing and pumping journeys that much easier for you. So today, let’s have a look at a few of those products that Haakaa has to offer.






First up: bras. Your body goes through an amazing array of changes while pregnant, as well as in those post-partum days. For a considerable number of women, breast changes are among the most noticeable. On top of that, when you’re breastfeeding or pumping (or both!), you’ll need a whole new type of bra to let you do so easily and discretely. Luckily, Haakaa have two different options for you!


The first of these is the Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra. This bra is ideal for nursing. The top layer detaches with a simple click of the clip, meaning your little one can be fed quickly and easily without having to mess about taking your bra off. Made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, the Pumping & Nursing Bra is incredibly soft and smooth, and it feels great against your skin – sensitive nipples won’t be irritated! As well as being an excellent nursing bra, as the name suggests it’s also designed to work with breast pumps. The cups feature a layered crossover slit design, creating a good seal for your pump flange, meaning your hands can stay free and the pump even more secure while you're expressing. Whether you express on one side or both, or if you nurse and pump at the same time, this bra can handle it all.





Our second option is the Hands-Free Zip-Up Breast Pump Bra. While similar to the Pumping & Nursing Bra, this version has some key differences. With more of a focus on the pumping side of the equation, this bra features the same layered crossover slit in each cup – attaching your Haakaa pump is still a breeze, leaving your hands free and you secure in the knowledge the pump will stay put no matter what. Made from 93% cotton and 7% spandex, this bra is just as soft and smooth as the Pumping & Nursing Bra. Unlike the N&P Bra, which has a standard hook and eye closure at the back, the Zip-Up Breast Pump Bra closes two ways. The back has ultra-strong adjustable velcro to accommodate changes in your body, while the front doesn't just zip up – it also comes with a simple-to-insert expander, making this bra super customisable, allowing for the best possible fit! While it doesn’t feature the handy clip to detach the top layer for easy nursing, the zip still allows for easy feeding.


Please note – For hygiene reasons, bras (both the Pumping & Nursing and Zip-Up Breast Pump bras) cannot be returned unless faulty, so make sure to check the handy size charts on our website!









There are a few accessories to go with your pumps that will help make things even more convenient! Haakaa pumps and bottles are designed to be super easy to clean as they are, but it never hurts to have that little something extra, which is why we have our Silicone Cleaning Brush Kit. This kit consists of a Double-Ended Silicone Bottle Brush, plus two different-sized tube brushes. The bottle brush has a standard-sized brush head at one end that is perfect for cleaning the large areas of your bottles and pumps, and a smaller brush head at the other end with a tapered tip to easily reach the corners of your bottle teats, milk collectors and more. The brush heads are, of course, made of food-grade silicone, connected by a stainless steel handle – not only are there no nasty plastics to be found, but the brush heads are simple to detach from the handle to clean and sterilise! The two tube straws in the kit have soft silicone edges, making them ideal for cleaning out tiny spaces such as reusable straws, colostrum collectors, and dummies.




For those who want an extra layer of protection for their Haakaa Breast Pumps but don’t have a Pumping Bra, there’s the Silicone Breast Pump Strap. Made of 100% food-grade silicone, the strap attaches easily to your pump then hangs around your neck. No more worrying about kicking babies knocking the pump free and spilling all that milk you worked hard for! The strap is incredibly easy to clean and sterilise – as with all our other 100% silicone products, just wash in warm soapy water, then boil to sterilise! What’s more, the strap is compatible with a variety of our other products. Once you’re done using it with the pump, you can use it to hang teethers, sippy cups and more safely out of the way! Just make sure to remove the strap and store it safely out of the way before giving any of these items to your little ones.




So you’re out and about, and you’ve expressed some milk to put it into a sealed bottle for later. Or maybe your beautiful baby is going to daycare and needs to take bottles with them – where do you put it? How about our stylish and conveniently-sized Insulated Storage Bag? Its double insulated walls will keep your milk cool (5-15°C) for up to 4 hours, and the convenient buckle strap allows the bag to be hung up or held. Even better, it’s the right size to fit into most daycare bags, giving you a handy way to transport the day’s milk.





In the same vein as the Insulated Storage Bag is the Portable Storage Bag! This bag comes in two sizes and colours and is designed with all those small items you carry in mind – dummies, feeders, and especially your Ladybug Milk Collectors. Small enough to fit easily into your nappy bag or stroller tray, yet big enough to hold two Ladybugs, you’ll never be caught short away from home again with one of these bags.