Storing food – whether freshly made or the day’s leftovers – is just one of those constants, whether you’ve got children or not. But where to store it all? The old plate covered in cling film just doesn’t really cut it anymore, especially for those households looking to cut down on their plastic use. So what other options are there? Let’s look at the wide range of plastic-free food storage choices Haakaa has available to you.


The best thing about Haakaa’s food storage containers is they can be used however you need – they’re safe in the fridge or freezer, and can even go in the oven or the microwave to heat up your food later. About the only thing you can’t do is put them on a stovetop, so they’re incredibly versatile! On top of that, there’s a good range of sizes, meaning you can prepare everything from expressed breastmilk and the right-sized snacks for your little one’s tiny tum to leftovers for your own lunch the next day. Depending on your needs, we also have two choices in materials used for the containers – glass and silicone. So without further ado, let’s have a closer look!


In those early days of pumping milk, you’re going to need somewhere safe to stash it, whether that will be in the fridge or the freezer. The Haakaa Silicone Milk Storage Bags are the ideal way to keep it secure. But that doesn’t mean that’s all you can use them for! Once your breastfeeding journey is over, you can keep putting these bags to use with any liquids you need to store (or use them as ice or heat packs!). Use them at home or take them out and about with you. Our Silicone Cleaning Brush Kit will let you give them a good scrub so they’ll last for years. And even better, each Milk Storage Bag or Yummy Pouch (the Storage Bag’s younger sibling) attachment is fully interchangeable between them, giving you an extra extended lifespan.





The Gen. 3 pump, as you probably know by now, is more than just a pump. But did you know that if you need more bottle bodies, without buying a whole new pump, you can grab one easily? If you’ve finished breastfeeding, or if you find you need extra storage, the silicone ones can be bought as standalone storage containers either singly, or in a two-pack or a four-pack, or you can pick up the glass versions individually! The airtight sealing disks keep the contents safe and sound and can be quickly and easily swapped with a range of Gen. 3 accessories if you want to change your jar to a bottle, sippy cup, or more!





For our littlest ones, the Silicone Nibble Tray, and its utterly adorable sibling, the Pineapple Nibble Tray, are perfectly sized to create not only frozen treats for your Fresh Food Feeder but also baked finger foods for little hands! The pineapple version even features a label slot and includes recording cards to keep track of exactly what you’ve stored or baked and when.




The Easy-Freeze Tray is another one that’s great to have around from birth onwards. Start off by using it to freeze expressed breast milk or purées, then expand your use from there! You may wish to do things like freeze your own portions of food (hint – those sauces or stocks you’ve been wanting to make but don’t have time to use up can be stored really easily in here as individual portions!), or you can use it to bake homemade treats. This particular tray comes in a few variations – 4 x 90ml, 6 x 60ml, or 8 x 40ml compartments. Each of these compartments is completely separated from the others, meaning it’s incredibly easy to pop out only what you need each time!




For those who want a more traditional yet just as versatile glass jar storage choice, we’ve got you covered. The Airtight Silicone Lid Glass Jar Set is a handy little collection of 4 x 210ml glass jars that can be used to store liquids, purées, solids – or even those little bits and pieces you collect in the kitchen, bathroom, or craft room & workshop! The silicone lids fit perfectly, keeping the contents safe and secure, while the jars themselves are made from borosilicate glass, meaning they’re resistant to extreme temperatures and thermal shock. These jars are ideally sized to save you space, and, being safe in dishwashers, microwaves and boiling water, are extremely easy to clean and sterilise. Do remember, though, that borosilicate glass can still crack or break if you drop it, so it does pay to be a little more careful with them than you need to be with silicone.





All of the above products are amazing in their own right. But Haakaa also has a multi-size collection designed to suit the whole family – the Family Active Stack. This set has been created with a mind towards even easier transportation, so you can take it out and about with you. Featuring four silicone containers (1 x 500ml, 1 x 250ml, 2 x 125ml) and a dedicated carry container to keep everything tidy, the Family Active Stack can meet a range of needs. Each silicone container even has a label slot and recording cards for quick and easy identification of contents. And when it’s not in use? Just pop it all into the carry container and store it out of the way, ready to be retrieved without having to turn your cupboards upside down!




These are only a sample of what Haakaa has to offer in terms of storage that keeps your food free from plastics – you can find even more here. And while you’re at it, why not check out our series of nutritionist-created healthy first baby foods? The storage options we’ve discussed today are perfect for helping you refrigerate or freeze what you don’t need to use immediately, and they can continue to be used long after your little one has graduated to big kid foods. Our current offerings include Green Kiwifruit Purée, Purple Pudding, ABC Oatmeal, and Red Lentil & White Bean Stew. Which ones – containers or recipes – are your favourites?