Here we are again with another edition of Sustainable Products! Previously we’ve focussed on menstrual products*, followed by a post on other hygiene products, both personal and around the home. Today we’re going to look at replacements for those everyday plastic items around our house – especially those we often find ourselves using with our babies.




First up, it’s those tiny little objects that have had their share of the spotlight – straws. Where once there were plastic straws everywhere you look, they have now been replaced by paper straws. But paper straws, especially when kids use them, can quickly become soggy and unusable – and while they’re a better option than plastic, they’re still disposable. So what other choices are there? There are two main options: metal and silicone, and Haakaa has both available for you!


Metal straws are probably the most commonly seen reusable straws and are best used by older children and adults – being made of stainless steel, they can be hard on smaller mouths. That being said, these metal straws are wonderful for the older ones in the house. With the choice of straight or curved and coming in a range of sizes, they’re perfect for whichever drink you’re having, be it water or juice, or your favourite bubble tea. In addition, they come with a natural linen carry case and a straw brush so you can keep them in pristine condition after each use.



As an alternative to stainless steel, you might like to try out our Silicone Straws! Being made of soft and bendy 100% food-grade silicone, they’re ideal even for little mouths. And best of all? The set comes with six straws in different colours, so the kids can choose their own colour to look after – no more fights! This set comes with two cleaning brushes to ensure they stay clean and hygienic – just make sure to clean them after each use.




When you’re out and about, or when the little ones are off to school, a bottle is essential to keep thirst away – but so many bottles are made of plastic. That’s why Haakaa have the Easy-carry Kids Thermal Flask with Sleeve. The 350ml capacity makes it the ideal size for your wee ones, while its double-walled stainless steel body means that liquids will retain their temperature, warm or cool, for up to 8 hours – perfect for those trips away. The 100% food-grade silicone mouthpiece is soft so the bottle is easy to drink from. With no plastic to come into contact with your child's drink, it’s not only soft and long-lasting, but also means there is no risk of plastic nasties leaching in.




Of course, flasks aren’t just for kids. Haakaa’s Stainless Steel Thermal Flask & Sleeve Combo has a huge 750ml capacity, making it ideal for day-to-day use no matter what you’ve got going on. Like the Kids Thermal Flask, this flask is made of double-walled stainless steel, keeping your drinks the ideal temperature for hours on end. The snap-lock lid prevents accidental spills, while the neoprene sleeve protects your flask from bumps and features an easy-carry handle for on-the-go hydration! Say goodbye to disposable and plastic bottles and hello to this sturdy, long-lasting flask.




Finally for our drinks section, we have cups. Plastic and melamine cups are everywhere – they’re helpful for kids, but what about the environmental impact once they’re thrown out? Glass is also great, but being heavy and easily breakable it can be unsuitable for little hands. Stainless Steel Cups are a great replacement! These cups come in a pack of four, and you have the choice of two different sizes – 300ml or a larger 450ml option. These cups are designed to last, and aren’t just for your kids – grab some for yourself to use at work, take camping, or bring with you anywhere you could do with a robust, reusable cup! Buy a pack now, and get a free large stainless steel straw to go with your purchase! 








As with cups and bottles, plastic and melamine are ubiquitous when it comes to children’s dinnerware. Haakaa products are consciously designed to avoid these materials, and this category is no exception. You may already be familiar with some of Haakaa’s safe, non-toxic silicone products, but what about other materials? First up are these perfectly sized Natural Bamboo Kids Forks. Made in Japan by master craftsmen, these forks are crafted from carbonised bamboo and finished with food-safe oil – no plastics, no formaldehyde, and no harsh glues. Being made from bamboo means they’re strong yet light-weight – and long-lasting! What’s more, the bamboo itself is a fantastic environmental option – it grows quickly, making it one of the most sustainable resources in the world.




To pair up with the Bamboo Forks, we have this Handcrafted Wooden Mushroom Bowl. The bowl itself is made from perfectly finished wood and features a silicone suction base to help keep it firmly on the table, as well as a silicone cap. The cap not only keeps food fresh and protected, but can double as a silicone plate! The bowl has a 300ml capacity, while the silicone cap adds an extra 200ml, making the set perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. Treat it well by hand washing with warm soapy water after each use, giving it a rub with coconut or olive oil every so often to keep it in good condition, and this adorable bowl should last a very long time.




Finally, let’s look at an alternative to those popular yoghurt pouches. Yoghurt pouches are the perfect size for a kid’s snack, but each snack means another piece of plastic thrown away. Instead, why not try the reusable Silicone Yummy Pouch? This easy-squeezy pouch is perfect for taking out and about, and its soft, 100% food-grade silicone design makes it great for children’s mouths while being easy to clean and store. With a 130ml capacity, it’s great for those yoghurt snacks, but is equally perfect for baby food and purées for your younger ones. It comes with a silicone straw to allow children to get the very last drop of those thinner purées, while older kids can simply squeeze or roll up the pouch from the bottom. The pouch features a wide neck and flat base, so it stands upright, making for easy filling each time.




There are, of course, many other sustainable, long-lasting alternatives to plastics in our everyday lives. Let us know which Haakaa products are your favourites!


*Note: The Flow Cups mentioned in the Sustainable Menstrual Products blog are no longer available.