Famous for its one-piece manual breast pumps, Haakaa is nevertheless more than just those extremely useful, affordable products. Today we’re going to go through the top ten bestsellers, and see a snapshot of what exactly Haakaa has to offer!


  1. Silicone Nibble Tray


Starting our list at number ten is the Silicone Nibble Tray. Coming complete with a silicone lid, this nine-compartment tray lets you make perfectly sized portions for your little ones. It’s ideal for helping children who are learning to self-feed, as you can bake or freeze snacks – and what’s best of all is the portions are designed to fit right into the Fresh Food Feeder!





  1. Goat Wool Baby Hair Brush


The Goat Wool Baby Brush is next on the list, and this is one stylish brush! Designed to look after an infant’s delicate hair and scalp, this brush is made from rubberwood, goat wool, and nothing else. There are no varnishes or glues that can potentially react with sensitive skin; instead, the bristles are pressed into the wood of the brush, keeping things even safer for your baby. Being goat wool, the bristles are ultra-soft, meaning they won’t scratch or itch, but will provide a relaxing, soothing sensation as your child’s hair is brushed. It also has the option of coming in a set with a maple wood comb to help gently untangle hair as it grows.





  1. Fresh Food Feeder & Cover Set


The Fresh Food Feeder is a top seller worldwide, and it’s no wonder why. Made from 100% silicone – so no nasty plastics anywhere! – the Feeder is the perfect way to begin introducing new flavours to your baby without the risk of choking. The food pouch is easy to fill and is made with small holes so bubs can chew, while only tiny pieces of food are able to get through. They get to experience all the flavour while minimising the risks! The handle is sturdy and textured, keeping their little hands busy, and it’s super easy for them to hold. And as mentioned above, the Silicone Nibble Tray is the perfect accompaniment to the Feeder – freeze breast milk, purées, or anything you want in the tray compartments, and they’ll fit into the Feeder’s pouch without any trouble at all!





  1. Oral Feeding Syringe


Trying to feed a sick, tired and grumpy baby can be difficult, as can administering liquid medications to them. That’s where the Oral Feeding Syringe shows its worth. The nib is made of soft silicone and features dual-angled ports, dispersing liquids into your child’s cheeks instead of to the back of their throat as standard dispensing syringes can do. This makes it much easier to control the flow and avoid choking. And because the nib is so soft, it makes it easier for babies to suck on as they feed, rather than hurting themselves on the more rigid plastic of traditional syringes. The Oral Feeding Syringe has a capacity of 10ml in 5ml increments, so it may not be suitable for smaller doses of liquid medications, but for anything else, this is an amazing gadget to have on hand.





  1. Silicone Baby Drinking Cup


Rounding out the first half of our top ten is the Silicone Baby Drinking Cup! A deceptively simple wee thing, this 150ml cup is the perfect way to allow your older babies to learn to transition from a bottle to their very own cup! Like our other silicone products, this cup is soft and flexible, meaning there are no worries about it being broken if it gets dropped, and it’s lightweight, making it easier for little hands to hold. It features wide, easy-grip handles, but what really makes this cup stand out is the cut-out rim, leaving room for your baby’s nose. This means they can drink without tipping their head back, helping minimise the risk of choking! It’s the safe, easy choice for any baby learning to drink independently.





  1. Easy-Squeezy Silicone Bulb Syringe


We’re into the top five now! Beginning this half of the list is the Easy-Squeezy Silicone Bulb Syringe. A simple, affordable way to keep little noses clear, this straightforward manual nasal aspirator is made of soft food-grade silicone. To use, just give the bulb a squeeze to expel the air, then gently place it inside your child’s nose (don’t push it too far!) and release. The suction created will draw out any nasal fluid present. If there is still more that needs to be shifted, remove the bulb from baby’s nose and repeat the process. The top comes off so you can quickly and easily clean and sterilise the Easy-Squeezy syringe for the next time you need it!





  1. Ladybug Silicone Breast Milk Collector


The Ladybug is one of Haakaa’s most famous items, right after the breast pumps. And for good reason, too – this little silicone milk collector is a game changer when it comes to leakage and let-down. Traditionally breast pads would be used, soaking up that extra milk. Disposable pads, however, contribute to the global landfill problem, while reusables – better than disposable for sure – still hold milk against your skin. On top of that, breast pads give no way to use that extra milk your body produces. The Ladybug changes all that, collecting the milk to be used later – no mess, no waste! Coming in three sizes (40ml, 75ml, and 150ml), these collectors utilise light suction to stay in place and tuck into your bra. The suction is so gentle it won’t stimulate breasts to produce more milk – they are very much a collector, not a pump – but for those who have breasts more sensitive to even light suction, the Ladybugs feature a plug that can be removed, meaning the bra is all that will hold it in place. A final tip – the Ladybug size has nothing to do with breast size. Rather, it’s to do with how much leakage and let-down your body is producing. For those who only have a small amount, the 40ml will do, whereas those with large amounts of leakage might do better with the 150ml.





  1. Newborn Silicone Dummy


As the name implies, this dummy is designed specifically for our new arrivals, being smaller than a regular dummy. Made of a single piece of clear silicone, there are no loose parts to come loose, nor are there any cracks or joints for bacteria to harbour in. Even better, it’s completely plastic-free, making it safer for your baby. The U-shaped shield promotes natural breathing through the nose, and the shape of the whole dummy is designed to prevent marks and rashes. This is the perfect dummy for those little ones who love the comfort of a pacifier.





  1. Gen. 1 Breast Pump


Here’s the one that started it all: The OG Generation 1 Silicone Breast Pump! This one-piece silicone manual breast pump led to a complete transformation in how we express breast milk. Lightweight, affordable, easy to use and easy to clean, the Gen. 1 pump makes it an absolute breeze to build up a stash, prepare for returning to work, or enable your partner to give your baby a bottle – whatever you need a pump for, this simple device can help you out. Utilising the power of natural suction, the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump continuously draws milk out into the handy 100ml body, and the flange makes it super easy to then transfer that milk somewhere convenient (such as the Haakaa Milk Storage Bag) or use the Flower Stopper or the dustproof Silicone Breast Pump Cap to keep it stored right there in the pump!





  1. Baby Nail Care Set


Here it is, the number one bestseller! It probably won’t surprise many of you that the Baby Care Nail Set is so popular – it’s a fantastic little gadget. Baby nails are notoriously sharp and fast-growing, and because babies don’t have very well-developed motor skills, they can often be prone to scratching themselves. Keeping those nails short and well cared for is vital, and this trimmer is an affordable, easy way to do just that. Coming with a range of different pads in different filing strengths, the whisper-quiet trimmer also features an LED light on the end to make night-time trimming even simpler. To use, just choose the right trimmer pad for your baby’s age – they’re all colour coded and come with a convenient guide for you to work from. There’s even a pad and cone for adults, so you can use it for the whole family.




Which of these top ten products are your favourites, and which ones do you want to try out? Alternatively, which product would you put in your own top ten that isn’t on this list?